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Separating for the environment – The correct disposal of cosmetics packaging

Separating for the environment – The correct disposal or separation of packaging has an impact on our environment. In this short article we want to explain to you how to properly dispose of your favorite Aloe Vera Cosmetic Tratz products and why waste separation is so important.

verpackungen kosmetik

  • Separate properly for recycling
  • Why recycling plastic material is important
  • Why not to use bio-based or biodegradable plastics
  • How to dispose of Aloe Vera Cosmetic Tratz packaging


Separate properly for recycling

o ensure that the individual recyclables can be put into the appropriate recycling process, the various components of cosmetics packaging must be disposed of separately. For example, the lid of a glass jar of cream belongs in the residual waste, while the jar itself should be disposed of in the glass container. Why is this important? Packaging that is not properly separated is later disposed of in the waste incineration plant and cannot be fed into the recycling process.




Why recycling plastic material is important

Petroleum is a finite resource that is often a component for the production of plastics. The recycling of plastic leads to the fact that parts of the disposed plastic waste can be recycled. Another plus is that recycling plastic materials is also good for our environment and helps reduce waste! The following applies to recyclability: the packaging must be white or uncolored and made of PP or PE. The special thing about white or transparent packaging materials: they can be identified by means of NIR (near infrared). The recycled white packaging can be used to produce granules that can be dyed as desired.



Why no bio-based or biodegradable plastics?

We do not use biobased or biodegradable plastics, such as sugar cane or corn. According to life cycle assessments by the German Federal Environment Agency, the use of such plastics does not result in any significant improvement in environmental impact. “Rather, the effects shift: while conventional fossil-based plastics release more climate-impacting CO2, the ecological footprint of biobased plastics manifests itself in a higher acidification and eutrophication potential as well as a certain land requirement. This is due to the agricultural production of the raw materials. There may be competition for land with food production, or compensation and forest areas may become less.” According to the Federal Environmental Agency, both bio-based and biodegradable plastics should not be disposed of in organic waste. They must be properly disposed of in the yellow garbage can or yellow bag.

Our packaging

It’s not possible to do without packaging altogether. First and foremost, they should fulfill a very specific purpose: They should protect the product. Nevertheless, we take care with our packaging to use only the necessary resources and also when packing our packages, we make sure to use as little packaging material as possible but as much as necessary. Therefore, we also do not use unnecessary outer packaging with our products. Why we do not offer reusable packaging? Although these are considered to be resource-saving, they have to be returned and cleaned after use. This process results in additional transport routes, higher energy and water consumption, and in some cases requires the use of chemicals to clean the reusable bottles.


How to dispose the Aloe Vera Cosmetic Tratz packaging

Your favorite product is coming to an end and the remaining packaging ends up in the garbage can or the yellow bag. But which recyclables really belong in the residual waste and which in the yellow bag? Our product packaging made of plastic should be properly disposed of in the yellow bag. Care should be taken to dispose of the individual components separately, i.e. unscrew the lids and remove any screw caps. Plastic materials include our tubes, bottles as well as cans. In the case of glass materials, care should be taken to ensure that lids and pipettes are not disposed of in the glass container but in the residual waste.

By separating and disposing of packaging correctly, you can easily help the environment and conserve resources. ♡


Together we want to support resource-saving recycling. ♡  For the sake of the environment. ♡


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