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SetSophisticated & Mature Skin

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Aloe Vera Tratz product set for demanding & mature skin.

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Sophisticated & Mature Skin

The right skin care is important at any age. With increasing age, however, skin care often becomes more complicated. The skin becomes more demanding as the skin problems increase. The cosmetic products that fit your skin type only 10 years ago are often no longer rich enough today.

The good appearance at any age is matched by the perfect and suitable care through our Aloe Vera Tratz products.

The gentle cleansing milk Cleansing Lotion removes dust and dirt deposits and gives the skin a clean and fresh appearance. The toner stabilizes the natural acid mantle and prepares the skin for the absorption of active ingredients.

The pure aloe vera Super Gel is the active serum for the skin. It gives the skin the moisture it needs. As a day or night care, Vitamin A Cream is an activating care cream for stressed and inactive skin conditions that promotes the skin’s supply processes. You will see and feel the vitalisation of your skin.

We recommend our Anti-Age Aquaporin Mask.

The set includes: Cleansing Lotion 125ml, Toner 125ml, Super Gel 125ml, Vitamin-A Cream 50 ml




24,71 €

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