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Natural oilLemon Balm oil100ml

Soothes and strengthens skin that is out of balance.

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Massage Oil

Soothes and strenghtens skin that has lost its balance. Its clear and fresh fragrance has a regulating effect on inner harmony and mental balance.

100 % pure essential oil of lemon balm.

This product is suitable for vegans! 



our spa oils for the summer:
After a refreshing shower, you can apply your spa oil directly to damp skin. This way it can be applied very thinly and is absorbed faster. Another plus: The oil leaves a delicate shimmer on the silky soft summer skin and provides it with valuable care. That’s why a body care oil is a special tip in summer as an alternative to a body lotion.

Our spa oils are very suitable for body massages. They can loosen up tense areas and touch all the senses at the same time. Let your customer choose the spa oil of her choice.

Refreshing footbath for the summer:
Pedicure is particulary soothing when all the senses are involved. After a long hot summer day you can do something special for your feet. Simply pour cold water and a few drops of our citrus spa oil into a large foot bath. If you want to experience the cool and refreshing revitalisation very intensively, add a few ice cubes and lemon slices. Relax your feet in this short cool wet.

Supplement to our Aloe Vera Cosmetic Tratz care products:
You can complement our spa oils ingeniously with our care products. Mix our White Silk Lotion with a few drops of the Lavender spa oil. This mixture regenerates the skin and calms dry skin conditions. Perfect before bedtime. Or mix our Super Gel with a few drops of our Lemon balm spa oil. This blend regulates and soothes skin that is out of balance. Just let creativity run free.

Do your own individual peeling:
For your individual peeling, simply mix our Alkaline Bath Salt with a spa oil of your choice. For an even better effect, you can also use our massage glove.

Great bath additive:
Mix half a cup of milk with a tablespoon of spa oil and pour directly into the incoming water jet. You can also use the alkaline bath salts for this.

Mini time-out:
Rub the spa oil into your hands, hold them in front of your face and take a deep breath. Best against stressful days.



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