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Cell Active Vital BlendSlim & Healthy

for the support of the whole organism in its regeneration and detoxification power with

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Cell Active – support for the organism

Cell Aktive is a finely ground, purely herbal dietary supplement with extensive immune and cell-protective substances. The well-balanced powdered mixture, specially adapted to the detoxification and cell-building work of the body, supports both the acid-base balance and the important regeneration of bones, joints and tissues. With Zell Aktiv the whole organism can be supported in its regeneration and detoxification power.

  • supports the acid-base balance
  • valuable immune support
  • valuable detoxification support
  • combines as a complex a rich supply
  • of pure herbal macro- & micronutrients
  • unique – extensive – tasty

at least 2 x daily half a teaspoon in Aloe-Vera Tratz juice  organic juice or water stir and drink. Perfect also to add to homemade muesli in the morning. Please note for taking Cell-Active, only choose liquids that are free of carbonic acid.

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light and away from children. Not a substitute for a varied diet.


Micronutrients are essential active and regulatory substances that our metabolism and our organism need for building hormones, muscles, nerves, blood, bones and also to protect all healthy cells and immune responses. In the production of food supplements, special attention must be paid to the high quality of raw materials and the right combination of vital substances, which is also our most important guideline. In addition, we deliberately avoid unnecessary fillers, anti-caking agents, preservatives and drying agents. Our granules and powders contain only active ingredients from 100% nature, which ensures the best possible compatibility and bioavailability.



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Sango coral, lecithin, pineapple powder, barley grass, beet, blueberry powder, alfalfa, aloe vera.