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1KGAloe Vera fresh plant leafBIO

Aloe Vera fresh plant leaf 1 KG

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Please note! As we do not have the fresh plant leaf in stock and order it fresh for you, shipping will take a little longer.
Therefore we cannot make partial deliveries here. You will receive your complete order after 3-5 days. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Our leaves are from certified organic cultivation. The most natural and therefore most valuable form of Aloe Vera e.g. for the daily Aloe Vitaldrink or for a great treatment on the skin. The Aloe Vera plant in organic cultivation develops over 170 different vitamins and trace elements for daily supplementation to maintain health. Give it a try!

Take the sheet, cut it off at the beginning of the sheet (wide side) and place it on a paper towel. A yellowish-reddish liquid, the alloin, escapes. This is bitter and reduces the taste of the aloe vera leaf, so let the leaf “bleed out” calmly. Caution: liquid discolours.
Now cut a narrow strip (approx. 0.5 – 1 cm) every day. Add the flesh to e.g. a juice and mix together. You can use the leaf bowl (without teeth) for skin care.

Our Aloe Vera fresh plant leaf is Demeter certified and is cultivated according to Demeter standards.



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