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Mix Skin – Our skincare ritual for normal and combination skin

Mix Skin

our skincare ritual for normal and combination skin

Mix Skin – the normal and combination skin. Sounds obvious at first, but how can normal skin actually be identified? And how do I know if I belong to the combination skin type?
That’s what you shall discover in this blog post. To help you incorporate cleansing and skin care into your daily routine, we also present our skin care ritual.

  • The normal skin
  • The combination skin
  • Tips
  • Do and Don’t for combination skin
  • Healthy skin
  • Do’s und Don’ts for the skin
  • Our skincare ritual
The normal skin

Who isn’t dreaming of a “normal” skin? No dandruff, which is finely visible on the skin. An even complexion whose appearance is not disturbed by blackheads or other annoying impurities. In order to maintain the natural functions of this skin type as long as possible, it is advisable to also provide this skin with the appropriate skin care. This can also decelerate the aging process and still strengthen the protective function of the skin.

The combination skin

The term is used in cosmetics when the skin is strongly characterized by oily as well as dry parts. It is the most common skin condition. In this case, the T-zone is often affected by an overproduction of skin fat and can appear shiny. Moreover can
the skin here show comedones. In contrast, other parts of the face, such as the cheek area, are often dry and can appear cracked and chapped – especially in the cold months.
Combination skin has its strongest manifestation at a young age, with the skin’s appearance, over the years,
slowly equalizing. When treating combination skin, it should be noted that the respective areas of the skin should be given the
proper skincare.

Guide for combination skin
  • Treat the different areas of the skin in an individually coordinated manner.
    The following applies: dry skin areas require moisture, oily skin areas
    should rather be soothed. A use
    of different skincare products, however, only makes sense if the
    areas are very pronounced.
  • Plant-based ingredients such as urea (e.g. contained in our Secrets
    Lotion) provide regulation of sebum production.
  • When using a scrub, resort to an enzymatic


  1. A varied, balanced diet
  2. Avoid smoking as much as possible
  3. physical activity
Nutrition also plays a role in the appearance of the skin.
Do and Don't for combination skin


Treat the respective parts of the skin individually


Using a mechanical peeling. This can have a counterproductive effect if used incorrectly. Rather resort to an enzymatic peeling.

Healthy skin

Our skin not only protects us from external influences, but is also our largest organ at the same time. It provides for a regulated heat exchange and for the transpiration process.

Our skin is built up in three layers. The top layer, the so-called epidermis consists of 90% horny layer and renews itself regularly. The dermis forms the second layer, which provides elastic skin through its connective tissue fibers. It is particularly affected by the natural aging process of the skin. The subcutis serves as cold protection and energy storage and consists of loose connective and fatty tissue.

The skin is our largest organ and protects us from external influences.
Do's und Don'ts for the skin


  • Sun protection
  • drink enough (min. 1,5L/day)
  • healthy, balanced nutrition
  • Relaxation (e.g. yoga, walks)
  • physical activity


  • UV radiation (to a high extent)
  • smoking
  • Stress
  • unhealthy nutrition
  • long, hot showers
Our skincare ritual
  1. Gently cleanse your skin with our Cleansing Lotion or Cleansing Foam
  2. Clear your skin with our Toner
  3. Strenghten your skin with our Super Gel
  4. Nourish your skin with our Charisse Creme (normal to dry), our Secrets Lotion (normal to slightly oily), our Triumph Creme (dry to very dry) or our Skin Concept (normal, low-moisture and matuing at 30+)

Special skincare (as additional care)


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