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“Miss Earth” visiting us in Peißenberg

Peißenberg – When does a Miss ever come to a mining town like Peißenberg? On Sunday morning it was so far. The “Miss Earth”, Angelia Ong, crowned on December 6 in Vienna, came to visit the natural cosmetics wholesaler “Aloe Vera Wirkstoffcosmetic Tratz” which has been based in Peißenberg for 30 years and has established the plant in cosmetics on the German market.

The 25-year-old marketing student from the Philippines is not only a beauty with a confident appearance. The “Miss Earth” competition is not a miss show in the usual sense. It’s not just about beauty, but also about commitment to environmental and climate protection. The “green” competition has been held for 15 years and has the motto “Beauties for a Good Cause”. The 25-year-old owes her title above all to her commitment to environmental and climate protection. “I see myself as an ambassador for nature, which is why I travel to many places around the world,” she said. “There are so many things on our planet that need to be called attention to,” said the young woman from Manila. Among other things, she supports the reforestation of forests: “We have already planted 1,000 trees, because we cannot let climate change rob our future” said Ong.

For Christine Tratz, the head of the company, it was exciting and also unusual to be able to welcome a Miss to her premises. She would like to sponsor Miss Earth with her products on a regular basis in the future. “To make this possible, we stay in constant contact via e-mail,” Tratz said. As a thank you for her visit to Peißenberg, she presented the 25-year-old with a bouquet of flowers.
Source: Münchner Merkur

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