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Our natural oils – pure essential oils

Read this article to get an insight into our natural oils and learn more about their different effects.


  • The 100% pure natural oils – a brief overview
  • The basis of our oils
  • The oils and their effects
  • The application – more than a massage tool
  • The tips of our experts

The 100% pure natural oils – a short overview

Do you already know our 100% pure natural oils for a #happyme?

They are not only a perfect composition for the face, but also for the whole body. Besides, the oils offer an excellent complement to our Aloe-Vera Natur-Cosmetic Tratz care products.

But what do the natural oils actually do on the skin?

The oils contain special ingredients that are perfectly coordinated with each other. As a result, the natural oils not only envelop the skin, but also provide it with important nutrients and care for it silky soft at the same time.


The basis of our oils

You have now received a brief overview of our 100% pure natural oils. But, which ingredients actually form the basis of the oils? We will explain this and the benefits of the ingredients in this section.

Soybean Oil – Soybean oil is derived from the soybean and can be a very good carrier of active ingredients for fat-soluble extracts. The soybean oil (kba) contained in our oils comes from certified organic farming in France and is not genetically modified.

Sesame oil – Due to the content of linoleic acid, antioxidants and vitamins, it can provide a remedy for dry and stressed skin. The oil penetrates deeply and quickly into the skin, providing optimal hydration. It also helps regenerate the skin and strengthens skin cells. The sesame oil contained in our oils comes from controlled organic cultivation from Germany and is not genetically modified.

Almond oil – Is an oil from the fruit of the amygdalus. Thereby it can produce a skin smoothing and nourishing effect and penetrate well into the skin.
The almond oil contained in our oils comes from pressed controlled organic cultivation from the USA and is not genetically modified.

Jojoba oil – This vegetable oil is extracted from jojoba nuts (actually liquid wax). The oil contains many unsaturated fatty acids, important vitamins, as well as active ingredients that protect the skin (environmental influences, sun exposure). It can also give a silky feeling to the skin.
The jojoba oil contained in our oils comes from controlled organic cultivation in Argentina and is not genetically modified.

The oils and their effects

Since each oil has a different main active ingredient, they also have different effects on the skin and mind. We would like to briefly show you the different effects of the oils here.

Lemon Balm oil – Soothes and strengthens skin that is out of balance. Its clear and fresh scent has a regulating effect on inner harmony and mental balance.

Citrus oil – Revitalizes and strengthens dry skin. Its fresh and friendly scent spreads a positive mood. The light oil is suitable – especially in summer – for daily body care.

Lavender oil – Has a harmonizing and balancing effect on body and mind. Its Mediterranean, mild and soothing scent opens the senses and promotes calm and serenity. Also for calming children.

Rose Oil – Stimulates the skin and encourages it to absorb moisture. Its floral, soft, very delicate fragrance has a mood-lifting, invigorating and aphrodisiac effect on body and mind.


The application – More than a massage tool

From theory to practice. Our 100% pure natural oils can be used in a variety of ways. Whether classically for massage and additional care to our Aloe-Vera Natur-Cosmetic Tratz products or as an optimal supplement for your bath. The oils are guaranteed to offer you a lot of different application possibilities.

Tip: Enjoy our natural oils as aromatherapy in the bathtub. This not only relaxes the mind, but also ensures a well-groomed skin at the same time.


Tips from our experts

Charlotte Rißmann:
“Citrus Oil with Aloe Vera Super Gel makes a great natural after sun lotion and the scent of citrus is a great finish after a sunny summer day. Please always apply after sunbathing”

Simone Paulsen:
“When booking our pampering program, our customers receive a romantic feel-good bath. Here I add a few drops of wild rose oil and real rose petals to the bath.
rose petals into the bath. The fine rose petal scent pampers body, mind and soul.”

Sascha Oliver Peschke (Loev Hotel Rügen):
“Melissa Oil with Super Gel regulates pimples after shaving and is also a wonderful Beard Oil.”

Eva-Maria Lücking-Wojcik (cosmetician):
“Relaxed sleep after an alkaline bath: simply mix lavender oil with White Silk Body Lotion from Cosmetic Tratz and lovingly apply lotion. #selfcare #selflove”


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