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Feel free to browse through our FAQ here to find our answers
to the most frequently asked questions.



You had problems with your order?

Please contact us by e-mail via info@aloe-vera-cosmetic.de or call us directly.

Mon-Thu 08 am – 3.30 pm
Fr 08 am – 01.30 pm
+49 (0) 8803 636060

When your parcel is on its way to you, you will receive a shipping confirmation and a tracking number by email. This way you can track where your package is at any time.

For data protection reasons, a telephone order is unfortunately not allowed.

We can only cancel your order if it has not been shipped yet. If the package is already on its way to you, you can refuse to accept the shipment. In this case, the package will be automatically returned to us. Once the package has been returned to us, we will refund you the money via the payment method you used when placing the order. If you paid by bank transfer, please provide us with your bank details.

We are very sorry if something is missing in your order. Sometimes it happens that a mistake is made during packing. Perhaps we can reassure you that this happens very rarely. In such a case, please contact us by phone or e-mail (info under Contact) and let us know what exactly was missing and to which address the re-shipment should be sent. Please also tell us your order number for a better allocation.

If your order has not yet been packed and shipped, we can still cancel it and you have the option to place your order again. Contact us as soon as possible, ideally by phone. Under +49 (0) 8803 636060 we are there for your request.


Currently, our delivery times to foreign countries are about one week. Please take into account that there is no parcel delivery on Sundays and holidays.

Shipping costs abroad:
– depending on zone from 13,39€ to 14,81€
More information about shipping costs to foreign countries can be found here.

For the sake of the environment, we do not use outer packaging. Package filling – We also pay attention to sustainability when shipping our packages. For this reason, we use recycled paper as filling material for our packages wherever possible. Products in glass containers are additionally wrapped with a cushioning foil for protection.

In your customer account you can adjust your delivery address via “Address”.

Don’t worry, this can happen. In most cases our system detects an incorrect address, which means that in most cases your package will not be sent anyway. In case of an incorrect postal code or location, you would therefore quite likely receive an email from us in the near future.

Of course, it can still happen that the package is misdirected to a wrong address. If you notice the incorrect address in time, it is best to contact us by e-mail or phone and tell us what we should change or add.

  • Payment via Paypal
  • Payment via Klarna invoice
  • Payment in advance (your order will be processed upon receipt of payment)
  • Payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard)

You can find more information about payment here.

Hypo Vereinsbank Weilheim
IBAN: DE51 7032 1194 0351 7590 38

Reason for payment: Invoice number

Please transfer the invoice amount within 14 days.

You had problems with the payment process?

Then contact us by e-mail at info@aloe-vera-cosmetic.de or call us directly.

Mon-Thu 08 am – 3.30 pm
Fr 08 am – 13.30 pm
+49 (0) 8803 636060

Unfortunately, payment on account is not possible. The circumstance is due to a number of shipped packages that were never paid. For this reason, we now only offer the options Klarna or Paypal.


All our products are generally not tested on animals.
Our explicitly vegan products are marked with the vegan icon.

The aloe vera content of the products is completely different.
The most aloe vera content is contained in our Super Gel and our Liquid Gel (liquid form of the Super Gel).
Here, the aloe vera content is 99.8%.

Our products have a shelf life of at least 12 months when opened. You can recognize this by the cream jar symbol on our products.

As long as the smell, color or consistency of the products do not show any noticeable changes, our products can be used without hesitation.


How to properly dispose of our packaging, you can read here.

The tubes of our White Silk Lotion, After Sun Lotion and Nature Shampoo are recyclable!


Then please contact our Customer Service with your question via our contact form.

Or contact us directly by e-mail (info@aloe-vera-cosmetic.de) or by phone +49 (0) 8803 636060.

You can reach us
Mon-Thu from 08 am to 4 pm
Fridays from 08 am to 01.30 pm

Important notes

Please note.

Cosmetic Tratz products are not medicines. Consult your physician if you have any health problems.

Cosmetic Tratz products are not intended to treat or cure diseases. Cosmetic Tratz accepts no liability for disadvantages or damage resulting from failure to observe this advice.