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Our philosophy

The European cosmetics market is broad and saturated in his chair. But people with awareness want above all excellent quality – and at a fair price. Which cosmetics do I choose? To actively support you in your product selection, we have given our products their own, elegant personality. We have brought light into the darkness, so that fragrance and color can emerge and the characteristics and effects of the individual products can be clearly perceived at first glance: The Sensual, The Rejuvenating, The Pure, The Tender” …, these are the names of our cosmetics. Or does your heart pound for “The Passionate”? We are happyif you enjoy our cosmetics as much as we do: As a wonderful combination of „Ratio und Emotio“ – of consciousness and heart – and that – naturally with style!”

What we represent
Icon Wirkstoffkosmetik

Active ingredient cosmetics

Holistic skin care is very important to us. 35 years of experience and constant development have produced a system care for every skin type. Our products are characterized by innovative active ingredients, the power of nature, maximum tolerance and high effectiveness.

Icon Active Aloe

Active Aloe

The main ingredient of our cosmetics is certified Active Aloe Vera. Our products contain an Active Aloe® content of up to 60%! This vitamin cocktail, synergistically combined with the very finest oils and proven plant substances - promises a true network of active ingredients.

Icon Naturkosmetik

Nature cosmetics

Our cosmetics were developed with love and appreciation for man & nature. Beauty and health from inside and outside, in harmony with nature is our motivation. Quite consciously and since ever we renounce animal testing. A large part of our products are vegan.

Icon Persönlichkeit


Each of our products has its own elegant personality, which is in perfect harmony with you: You are "the sensual one", "the temperamental one" or "the tender one"? In our products your personality will find the ideal companion.

Icon Made in Germany

Made in Germany

For a consistently high and guaranteed quality, our products are made with love and diligence in Germany since 1986! As a 3rd generation family business, tradition and progress are equally important to us.

Icon Profiberatung

Professional support

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and innovative treatment methods. With excellent expertise and 35 years of experience, we will always find the right skin care for you.

Icon Nachhaltigkeit


A conscientious handling of ecological resources, a demand-oriented production as well as the production according to strict quality guidelines is very important to us. We deliberately avoid unnecessary outer packaging and rely on tubes with optimal dosage.

Icon Qualität


With our products you rely on the highest quality. We guarantee diligence and continuous review in the development of our formulations. We process only the highest quality raw materials. Only the best products pass our extensive quality assurance.

Aloe Vera Pflege für normale und Mischhaut
Our mission

“Beauty and health from inside and outside, in harmony with nature, is our mission. As a 3rd generation family business, we care about tradition and progress in equal measure.” 


Reinigen und Pflegen als aktive Behandlungsschritte „von außen“


Vitaloe unterstützen den Organismus von innen


Aromabehandlungen mit den Energieseren sprechen die Sinne an

A time travel

The founding

As an innovative new development in Germany, Aloe-Vera Natur-Cosmetic Tratz GmbH discovered the extraordinary effect of the Aloe-Vera Barbadensis Miller plant and founded the company in 1986 with foresight and challenge.
Zeitreise vorlage

Aloe Vera

The certified aloe vera leaf fillets form the basis for the production of excellent cosmetics to keep the skin as healthy as possible. The Tratz couple traveled to the growing regions of America to see the outstanding quality for themselves.


A highly concentrated proportion of aloe vera and products that are specially developed and tested form the basis of Aloe-Vera Natur-Cosmetic Tratz GmbH. The milestone in development is still the Aloe Vera Super Gel.

Knowledge and Experience

Innovative treatment methods and excellent expertise are developed. The knowledge of the aloe vera method and the experience increase from year to year and are still the basic building blocks of the aloe vera natural cosmetic Tratz.


In-house formulations with high quality standards and a comprehensive understanding of the cosmetics market are conquering the German market.


With 25 years of experience in high-quality active ingredient cosmetics, the company Aloe-Vera Natur-Cosmetic presents itself in 2010 with a new look. The identifying feature is now the golden plant. Nature is gold!


In 2016 the family company celebrates its 30th anniversary and starts into a successful new financial year.

Charlie Tropa


Why am I called Tropa?

Hi, I am Charlie – the bee of Cosmetic Tratz! My name came from the botanical short form of the nasturtium - Tropaeolum - which makes us bees happy. In addition, my name also reminds a little of the tropical forests, which I think, like me, are worth protecting.

Why protect bees?

Flora & Fauna would not function without us. Along with many other species, we are crucial to our ecosystem. Because we take care of the pollination of a large part of our plant world and thus also of the richness of our food and active substance chain. We take over the transport of pollen from flower to flower. We therefore have a major influence on the biodiversity of our plant world.

Bees and nature cosmetics

Even nature cosmetics cannot do without us pollinator friends. After all, plants are also processed here that cannot grow and thrive without pollination. These include, for example, shea butter, as well as citrus fruits.

Our serums and bee protection?

Well, these contain natural raw materials like carrier oils and essential oils. These are obtained from raw materials pollinated by our little insect friends. These include, for example, daisy family such as the sunflower and chamomile, citrus fruits such as orange or lamiaceae such as lavender and rosemary.

Together we are bee sponsors

Together we are bee sponsors for the bee rescuers. As a Cosmetic Tratz customer, you are an important part of the sponsorship.

You can now support bees too!

A small part of your purchase will be donated to the bee rescuers.