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Sensitive Skin – Our skincare ritual for sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin

our skincare ritual for sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin In this blog post, we want to introduce you to the sensitive skin. We would first like to show you its distinguishing features and finally introduce you to our care ritual, with which you can combine cleansing and care of sensitive skin and integrate it as a routine procedure into your daily routine.

  • The sensitive skin
  • Healthy skin
  • Dos and Don’ts for the skin
  • Our skincare ritual
The sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can initially be classified into four different categories: sensitive, hypersensitive, irritated and allergic. Sensitive skin can have a more pronounced sensitivity to environmental stimuli, such as heat, or react more strongly to received stimuli. The sensitive skin could therefore react more intensively to cosmetics with, for example, reddening of the skin occurring. However, the reaction is usually not of long-lasting duration. Hypersensitive skin can be seen as an increase in sensitive skin. Even slight stimuli can cause a reaction of the skin.

For sensitive skin, the right skin care is essential.

If the protective layer of the skin is disturbed in its natural function, we can speak of irritated skin. This requires a high level of skin care. Irritated skin can be caused by external influences, such as heat, cold or incorrect clothing, as well as internal factors, e.g. diet or medication. In order to provide the right care for this skin condition, finding the cause is considered a solution approach. In this case, the advice of the professional cosmetician can be helpful.

If a skin reacts pathologically to an irritant, it is called allergic. The cause can usually be determined by a dermatological examination of the skin. The dermatologist can also initiate necessary treatment steps.

Important notice:
An exact diagnosis can only be made by a physician. Therefore, if you are unsure or have any problems, contact your dermatologist or house doctor.

Sensitive skin guide

Slowly accustom the skin to the selected skincare products.


  1. Relaxation exercises, such as yoga
  2. physical activity
  3. Walks (often more tolerable in high humidity).
  4. Sea vacation (pollen-free air)
  5. Raw food or local food
  6. Gentle skin care
Vacation by the sea relaxes and ensures a clear nose.
Healthy skin

Our skin not only protects us from external influences, but is also our largest organ at the same time. It provides for a regulated heat exchange and for the transpiration process.

Our skin is built up in three layers. The top layer, the so-called epidermis consists of 90% horny layer and renews itself regularly. The dermis forms the second layer, which provides elastic skin through its connective tissue fibers. It is particularly affected by the natural aging process of the skin. The subcutis serves as cold protection and energy storage and consists of loose connective and fatty tissue.

The skin is our largest organ and protects us from external influences.
Do's und Don'ts for the skin


  • Sun protection
  • drink enough (min. 1,5L/day)
  • healthy, balanced nutrition
  • Relaxation (e.g. yoga, walks)
  • physical activity


  • UV radiation (to a high extent)
  • smoking
  • Stress
  • unhealthy nutrition
  • long, hot showers
Our skincare ritual
  1. Gently cleanse your face with our Cleansing Lotion or our Energy Foam
  2. Clear your skin with our Toner
  3. Strengthen your skin with our Super Gel
  4. Nourish your skin with our Sensitive Plus or Charisse Creme or our Skin Concept

Special skincare (as additional care)

  • Exfoliate your skin with our Enzyme Peeling or our Kerateen Scrub (mechanical peeling)
  • Nourish your eye area with our Smooth Eye Gel
  • Nourish your lips with our Lip Balm (extra protection for sun-sensitive lips) or leave it on as a night mask
  • Nourish your skin additionally with our serum A or E
  • As a face mask we recommend our Aquaporin Mask

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