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Mother’s Day present inspirations


No matter whether everything is going smoothly or we would prefer to bury our heads in the sand. There is always
someone who has our back. Right up front: Mom. The person who raised us, taught us and
educated us. The one who is always there to help and advise. Loves and supports us, whatever ways we have
taken and what decisions we have made.

Mother’s Day provides a perfect occasion to simply say thank you. Thank you mom for always
having my back. Thank you mom for accepting me as I am since day 1.

We have a few present inspirations for you today, about how you can
surprise your mother for Mother’s Day.


Let’s face it, what could be better than spending time together? When there are numerous
possibilities to fill oyur day with new and beautiful memories. How about for example
a trip? So you can spend the day with your mom and especially in nice weather outside
in the open air. If your mom is a passionate hiker, a trip to the mountains is a good idea. With provosions,
equipped with hiking poles and the right sunscreen, nothing can get in the way of the day. Is
If Lake Constance is only a stone’s throw away from you, a trip to Mainau Island can only be recommended.
Here, during a walk, numerous flowers, plants and woody plants can be viewed and admired.
For butterfly lovers, a visit to the butterfly house is worthwhile.


Your mom is a real beauty lover? Then their favorite skincare product or a voucher may be
just what she’s looking for. Your mom likes to take a little time off? The right spa oil or a
Face mask here can be the perfect match to a relaxing day-off. Furthermore, how about spending the
beauty day-off day together with your mom? Pamper your skin with a cosmetic treatment,
optimize it with the right home treatment and relax it with a massage oil.



Do you have a lot of photos of you and your family stored on your cell phone, camera or PC?
Then a photo album would be just right. Funny pictures from your childhood combined with beautiful
moments make the perfect present for capturing memories. I’m sure your mother can think of a
few stories from your childhood to go with one or two of the photos. Over coffee and cake the photoalbum
can be viewed together.


Nice gestures can also be a great present for Mother’s Day. Do a grocery shopping for her,
offer to help her with gardening or surprise her with a laid table with café and cake.
The options here are huge and perhaps simpler than you might think at first. But even little things can
make a big effect and here above all do one thing: Give the mother a joy.


Connecting the Present Inspirations – My personal favorite and also what I usually have in my sewing box for Mother’s Day. Last year my sister and I made our mom a little movie for Mother’s Day, with moments from when we were kids together and also put our heart time set at her breakfast table. This year, a trip to the island of Mainau is planned. So that our mother is perfectly equipped for the trip, I bring her this year as a small gift our sunscreen and as a plus for pampering the skin our Aquaporin mask :). What mom personally finds super about the mask, is that they can leave it on overnight and any Residues can simply massage into the skin. 🙂

yours ch

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